Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Well, it is that time of year again! The time of year when we all start shopping extra trying to find that perfect gift for our loved ones. If you have a world traveler in your life, it may be a bit challenging to find that perfect gift. They are always on the move, so you don’t want to bulk them down with something big, and you want to get them something useful as well. Most importantly, you want to give them a gift that they will love! I am here to give you my own suggestions for what to get for your world traveling friends.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I have used and loved. I appreciate any purchases that you make! My commission will go back into making this blog even better!

Passport Cover

Every world traveler has a passport, but do they all have a passport cover to protect this precious booklet? I love having a cover for my passport. It is something that I can choose based on my own preferences and I feel like it protects my passport from the deep dark depths of my bag. I am notorious for crushing important things in my purse. Anyone who has received a check from me can attest to that. I prefer not to have a crumply passport when I’m entering new countries. First impressions are the most important after all!

Check out this passport cover by Travelambo. They make really great products. This passport cover has pockets inside for your other cards as well as RFID blocking capabilities to keep your information safe. It also comes in lots of different colors!

Electronics Organizer

In this technological era, we all have multiple electronic devices that we take with us everywhere we go. I personally travel with the following items: cell phone + charger, kindle, earbuds, portable charging bank, TENS unit, fit bit + charger, laptop + charger, etc. You get my point. I bought an organizer for all of my cords, and let me tell you, it has made all the difference. Obviously, you will keep your larger items separate and your phone close at hand, but this organizer will keep all of your cords in one easy to find location. It sure beats digging through your bag while in a cramped airplane seat trying not to hit your neighbor when you are just trying to find your earbuds.

Just look at all that space for your cords and electronics!

I use this roll-up electronic organizer by ProCase. It has multiple pockets and straps to keep everything together but separate. I have really loved having this, and I am sure that any traveler who is tired of doing battle with their cords will feel the same!

RFID Blocking Wallet

The more I read about people having their credit card information stolen by RFID, the more I wanted a wallet to prevent that from happening. There are so many ways for people to steal your information nowadays that it is a good idea to at least try to prevent that from happening whenever possible. I now have two RFID blocking wallets. Now credit information theft is one less thing that I have to worry about when I am traveling!

One of them is a minimalist design and is the one that I travel with. I need fewer cards when I travel, and it takes up much less space. The one that I own is from Travelambo and it comes in several different colors. Don’t let its small size fool you, it can hold a lot more than you think.

If you are buying for a person who needs a larger wallet with lots of pockets, Travelambo also makes larger wallets. This wallet is the one that I use at home and it holds all of my membership cards in addition to credit and debit cards. I can also fit quite a chunk of change in it with its two zip up pockets. This one also comes in multiple colors. Sensing a trend with Travelambo? I really love their products, so I want everyone else to love them too!

 Scratch the World Travel Map

This one is actually on my Christmas list. Travelers love to track their adventures and what better way to do that than with a scratch-off map that you can keep framed in your home? It is such a nice keepsake for when you want to remember all of the amazing times you had abroad making new friends and experiencing new places. Also, for people who think they have seen it all, they can refer to this map to find where they haven’t yet been and start planning that next trip!

This map from Maps International comes highly rated from Amazon and is a #1 best seller! This particular map has a lot more detail than some other ones that I have seen. I am sure that any traveler would enjoy this gift!

Kindle Paperwhite

Honestly, this is a gift for anyone who loves to read, but travelers spend a lot of time on airplanes, on trains, on boats, hiking through the middle of nowhere. You get it. They sit around a lot and wait to get to the next location. Travel time provides them with extra time for reading (if that is their thing). I personally love my Kindle. I have always been a die-hard paper books forever girl, but with all of the traveling that I do a Kindle just made sense. It is a lightweight e-reader that holds hundreds of books with a pretty impressive battery life. I also highly recommend Kindle Unlimited for those avid readers who burn through books like it’s nobody’s business. Because it isn’t really.

My Kindle has been my constant companion through the rainforest of Costa Rica, the big cities in Japan, the mountains of Alaska, and everywhere in between. A brand new Kindle Paperwhite has just been released on Amazon, and I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on it. It is now waterproof with two times the storage. It also has the ability to pair with Audible so you can listen to books as well. If you have an older Kindle and want the new one, they have a pretty sweet deal on trade-ins right now. Sounds pretty great to me. Best. Gift. Ever.

A Light, but Warm Jacket

Carrying a skull at the Palmer Musk Ox Farm. Reversible Eddie Bauer Jacket pictured.

The thing I dread most about traveling in the Winter is traveling with a bulky jacket. I found a lighter jacket from Eddie Bauer a while back that I have worn quite warmly in Japan and Alaska up in the mountains. I wouldn’t recommend it for any major snow sports or travel in the dead of winter, but if you expect the temperature to drop close to freezing, this is the jacket for you. It is reversible and has lots of zip-up pockets to store all of your items. I can only recommend the women’s jacket from personal experience, but I am sure that the men’s version is just as great. This is a great gift to tell your friend that you want to help keep them nice and warm on their travels.

I could go on and on with gifts, but I think that this a great starting point! With Black Friday right around the corner, keep an eye out for all of those bargain deals! Just be careful and don’t get hurt if you decide to brave the masses on Friday! I hope that this list has helped jump start your Christmas shopping for the travelers in your life!

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  • I never thought to get an electronics holder. That is such a great idea. All of my headphones, cords, and converters are rolled up and tangled with each other. It’s a mess. I lose them or have to dig for them in my Mary Poppins bag. And every year, we get more and more gadgets, and it gets even worse.

    I should cover my passport, too. It got slammed on our last trip and pages are mangled.

    These are great suggestions! Thanks! And happy travels ; )

    • I got my electronics holder after I saw my brother with one. He is a techy person and has way more cords than I do. It really changed my packing game!
      I love my passport cover. I feel better about it not getting crushed in my bag now. It looks nice as well!
      Thanks for reading!! Happy travels to you, too!